Sunday, 2 December 2012

WP8 port for HTC HD2

HTC HD2 , first released in November 2009 with Windows Mobile 6.5 has been successfully hacked with every OS including Windows Phone 7, 7.5 and 7.8 in addition to Android.
Now, according to legendary mod team Dark Forces Team ( DFT ), the HTC HD2 will also brandish Windows Phone 8.

The news comes from their official forums and is currently lacking on how it was accomplished.Only a handful of photos showing what looks to be an earlier build of Windows Phone 8 running on the HD2 is given as evidence. The poster though is 'Cotulla', whose reputation is very well known in the hacker-mod community, meaning we can safely assume this isn’t a hoax.

XDA Elite Recognized Developer Cotulla once again proves that there is no such thing as limited power in hardware, when you have the right code. He, along with many other devs, managed to get Windows Phone 8 to run on a device that was not meant to go past WM6.5. As you may expect however, the port is barely functional, meaning nothing works. The dev simply posted pictures of the screens as a proof of concept, and not an actual release. So if you were thinking about running this on your HD2 anytime soon, you can more than likely scrap that idea. Lots of work is still required for anyone to even be able to run this properly. Moreover, since most of the latest RUUs from Microsoft have very high level encryption, the process is much harder now than it was with the leak that they have working on the device.
Please do not lose hope, but on the same token, don’t ask for ETAs. We all know how unwelcome that can be.
For now it’s actually just a proof of concept.I honestly dunno how far it can goes forward; a lot of problems appear and not sure will be it’s possible to solve them.And not only to solve them, but get an acceptable user experience It was implied as “a crazy experiment” at the start up time For now it’s implemented only few functionality like SD card, screen output, touch screen input.All other things are not working. I won’t add “YET” it can be very hard to get some things to work.and DFT didn’t yet decided about future developments in that direction.

The project, if successful, is remarkable if only because Windows Phone 8 features some extensive software-hardware security “handshaking” in the form of Bitlocker. That form of security is reportedly tied to a physical chip on the device, something that the HD2 is missing. How such a system is bypassed, as mentioned above, is currently not known.
Hopefully more details will be coming out soon with an actual release because as you have probably figured out, if the HD2 can run Windows Phone 8, there might be a chance for Windows Phone 7 devices too.

Source: DFT

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